The heart of my candles

Advantages of soy wax

My candles are made of 100% soy wax, which comes from soybeans. Unlike paraffin candles (which are made of petroleum, coal or shale oil), soy candles are a natural alternative as well as renewable and biodegradable. Besides, soy candles are clean and don't affect the air quality, so having them at home doesn't have any adverse effects on your health.

You should also know that soy candles burn in a cooler temperature than those made of paraffin. It means that you get to enjoy the candle for longer and also that you get much more for what you pay.

Rich scents

I make my own blends at The Cozy Studio and get inspired by the environment I want to create as well as make you feel calm and relaxed when you most need it. And as everyone needs to be taken care of, I want to do that for you!

I have decided not to use fragrance oils (synthetically made chemical scent compounds) to ensure that I offer you products that are as natural as possible. I want nothing less!

Vegan and cruelty-free ❤️

Did I mention that my products are also vegan? None of the ingredients that I use contains animal-based products, and no animal testing has been carried out, so you can get them with a clear conscience. This is quite crucial for me!