About me

Some business owners have a really inspiring story of how everything started. However, the reason why The Cozy Studio was born is far from that.
In reality, it arose from a personal need to find holistic ways to relax and ease my anxiety. At the same time, I needed to satisfy my desire for creating with my own hands. All I wanted was to get away from the office screen and the street noise. Even from my own thoughts at times. I wanted to enjoy the present moment and focus on the task at hand.
Later on my journey, I realised that something as simple as a candle or a soap could help others the same way they were helping me. That's when I decided to create The Cozy Studio.
And after almost two years since The Cozy Studio first launched online, it keeps changing and evolving every single day the same way I change and evolve. And that's because The Cozy Studio is... well, me.
Being a plant-based and cruelty-free business has always remained at the centre because I want to lead a life with respect and compassion for other people and other animals on this planet. Being eco-friendly is also at the core, and the initiatives I take to reduce my negative impact keep changing and evolving.
It's only recently when I'm exploring the deep meaning of self-care and how to translate that into what I do and what I create. Hopefully, I can take you along with me on this new journey.