Easy Lavender Shower Steamers

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There are certain days when I feel like I need some deep relaxation. Reading a book or meditating are fantastic ways to relax. Yet, there are times when I really need to let go of the day, and one of the best ways to leave a challenging day behind is taking a bubble bath.

I personally cannot take one of those because there is no bath in the apartment I live in, but it's not that big of a deal because a shower can be equally lovely and relaxing.

It is no secret that essential oils are used to soothe the senses—which I use to make my candles and the rest of my products—and that's why I was really eager to share this DIY recipe with you. Mental health awareness and self-care rituals are crucial to me. Thanks to essential oils, meditation, and deep breathing, I can calm myself down when I most need it.

These lavender shower steamers or shower melts are an enjoyable way of letting go of the day and take a few minutes to relax. They are simple and easy to make. Let's dive into it.


With the following ingredients, I was able to make 18 lavender essential oil shower steamers, but depending on what you use as a mould and how big they end up being, it could be less.

  • 200g sodium bicarbonate
  • 100g citric acid
  • 6ml lavender essential oil
  • 1 tsp lavender flower buds (optional)
  • filtered water

The lavender flower buds are only used as decoration, but they also provide a very light lavender scent.

Tools needed

Most of the things I used to make these aromatherapy shower steamers can be found in the kitchen. Just make sure to wash everything thoroughly once you finish.

  • Scale
  • Big bowl
  • Smaller bowl
  • Strainer
  • Knife
  • Measuring tablespoon (used as a mould)
  • Spray bottle (for the filtered water)
  • Whisk
  • Teaspoon 
  • Glass pipette (optional)
  • Protective gear: protective glasses, mouth mask and reusable latex gloves (highly recommended but not mandatory—just be very careful and mix everything slowly)


1. Measure the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. Put them together in the smaller bowl.

    2. Place the strainer on top of the big bowl and pour the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. Shake it by hitting it against your hand, so the fine powder falls evenly inside the big bowl. Some clumps won't go through, so take a spoon and crush them against the strainer. They will transform into a fine powder. Set the strainer aside.

    3. Slowly pour the lavender essential oil into the powder while also using the whisk slowly. It would be best if you did it around the whole mixture. Otherwise, the mixture will begin fizzing.

      4. Optional: add the lavender flower buds and mix it with the rest using the whisk.

        5. Slowly spray a bit of water while combining everything with your hand. The trick is in using a tiny amount of water each time. Spray and combine, spray and combine. Do this until it feels like slightly moist sand.

          6. Place part of the mixture on the measuring tablespoon—or any other tool you are using as a mould—and push it until it's tightly full. Use the knife to cut the bottom to create an even surface.

            7. Carefully take them out and set aside to let them dry for at least 24 hours.

              Note: Lavender essential oil is one of the few essential oils that can be in contact with your skin undiluted. If you do create shower steamers using different essential oils, please wear reusable latex gloves to protect your skin when combining all ingredients with your hand. Also, use the gloves if you have sensitive skin.

              When you decide to use the shower steamers, I have some advice to make sure that you are making the most out of the experience.

              • Place them in a corner where it gets a bit of water so it starts fizzing and releasing the scent but cannot be washed off.
              • Use subtly scented soap, so the shower tabs' scent doesn't get entirely overrun by the soap you are using. You can have a look at the ones I make.

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