J'aime bien profiter de ces moments... un bain relaxant... des heures de lecture... Mais aussi de la tranquillité dans des moments plus stressant... des heures d'études... J'adore la simplicité des petites choses du quotidien. Créer un ambiance serein avec cette bougie a été génial, avec un doux parfum qui enveloppe l'atmosphère avec un design épuré. En plus, fabriquées de manière artisanale avec des matières respectueuses de l'environnement et des animaux. Une belle découverte.

David L.

Heart-warming candle: it's the perfect scent for cold days! Amazing blend between the woody scent and cinnamon. Immediately makes you think of open fires, blankets and hot chocolate.

Katrien R.

First of all the shipping was very fast, the packaging is done in a very thoughtful way with compostable materials and they plant a tree for every order. The candles themselves are lovely, the fragrances are strong enough but not overwhelming and very well balanced. I immediately placed another order. Not just because I like the candles but also because I like what the company stands for / the efforts they make to be sustainable.


These candles make my day when I arrive home. Their smell is very subtle and sweet. I love cinnamon! I really like the ingredients are natural and also the delivery went really fast! No issues. Recommend it.

David M.

I've spent a lot of money on candles (all sorts) so far and unfortunately will probably continue to do so (sorry, future kids' college funds! lol). This one has the perfect calming smell to prep you for bed on a quiet night. It's sweet, but not overwhelmingly so, I really like it. Even though the producer says the smell is subtle, you don't have to be afraid of not being able to smell it - I find the intensity just right. It burns very nicely and I like the packaging too, it looks very stylish and won't mess up the vibe of your living room.

Jana F.

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Sustainability efforts

As a business owner, it's important to do as much as I can to reduce my environmental impact. Little by little, I try to implement new ways of making this possible.

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Northern Woods Soy Candle - The Cozy Studio
Northern Woods Soy Candle - The Cozy Studio
Northern Woods Soy Candle - The Cozy Studio
Northern Woods Soy Candle - The Cozy Studio
Northern Woods Soy Candle - The Cozy Studio
Northern Woods Soy Candle - The Cozy Studio
Northern Woods Soy Candle
Regular price 9,50€

Northern Woods is one of my favourite candles because it has that sweet cinnamon smell that somehow gets subtly covered by woody scents. It's one of those blends that work really well together and it seems to be quite well appreciated.

It's like walking through a forest in winter, minus the cold!

    Scent: cinnamon, pine and cedarwood

    Approximate burn time based on size:

    • 20ml (tealights): 4-5 hours
    • 60ml: 10-12 hours
    • 120ml: 20-22 hours
    • 500ml: 80-85 hours

    You should take good care of the candles to maximise their burn time.

    Candles and Tealights: Soy wax and essential oils.

    Room & Linen Sprays: Water, alcohol and essential oils.

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